Kindergarten Readiness

A number of resources are available on our Kindergarten Readiness page.

PreK – 3rd Grade System

This report analyzes system development in the seven-district Road Map region.

College Readiness

A number of resources are available on our College Readiness page.

2016 Race to the Top Outcomes Report

This report takes a deeper look at partnerships occurring under RTT-D, building on the last evaluation report, which highlighted general trends and challenges that affect school–CBO partnerships, and including a focus on district-to-district partnerships. Please see the full report and Executive Summary.

2015 Race to the Top Outcomes Report

RTT-D Outcomes ReportThis report examines RTT-D efforts to reach regional and district performance targets. The report also provides comparisons of Race to the Top Districts to individual districts and the state as a whole. For more information, please see the Executive Summary.

2015 Race to the Top Partnerships Report

RTI Partnerships Report CoverThis report examines the nature and quality of RTT-D partnerships since the grant was awarded in 2012. Partnerships are an integral piece of RTT-D’s Collective Impact efforts. For more information, please see the full Partnerships Report.


School Counselors

Resources for school counselors may be found here.

Race to the Top Convening – April 23, 2014

To celebrate the first year’s implementation of the Race to the Top-District grant and to promote shared learning, a convening for district partners was held on April 23, 2014 in Maple Valley at the Lake Wilderness Conference Center. Many Road Map Region Superintendents participated in a panel discussion, and districts shared short “Ignite” presentations. To view the panel discussion and “Ignite” presentations, click here.

Implementation Resources Guide

For a brief guide to resources focused on implementation practice, click here.

Early Warning Indicator Systems Repository

For resources on Early Warning Indicator Systems to help identify students who may be at risk for dropping out through highly predictive ABC data (attendance, behavior and course performance), and aligning interventions to keep them on track for graduation and post-secondary completion, click here.

Project 5 Career Awareness and Exploration Field Guide

TAF CoverThe Field Guide supports the development of a regional system for career awareness and exploration, which is the goal of Project 5 of the Race to the Top District grant.  Project 5’s regional system will include opportunities for students to explore careers through the use of online tools and will provide ways for students, their teachers, parents and other adult supporters to connect with engaging work-based learning experiences.  This guide is an implementation resource for piloting our regional system in fall 2014. To view the Field Guide, click here.
The contents of this Field Guide were developed under a grant from the Department of Education. However, those contents do not necessarily represent the policy of the Department of Education, and you should not assume endorsement by the Federal Government.