STEM Strong

Start Strong

Project 4: Expand the Effective Use of Digital STEM Tools ($5,232,189)
Project Summary: This project invests in adaptive digital tools to personalize STEM learning for high need K-8 schools in the region, prioritizing math and science instruction.
Project Lead: Rafael Gallardo,, 425-917-7803
Project 4 is advised by an Implementation Workgroup.

Project 5: Create a Regional System for Career Awareness and Exploration ($1,199,594)
Project Summary: This project invests in digital career exploration tools and creates a region-wide system for linking students and career exploration opportunities.
Project Lead: Cheryl Lydon,, 425-917-7866
Project 5 is advised by the South King County STEM Network.

Commitment 3: Next Generation Science Standards Implementation
Project Summary: To best prepare students for employment in our region’s STEM-focused economy, it is critical that we implement Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in addition to the CCSS. We are committed to embracing NGSS, and are working closely with businesses and other partners to advance as a region.
Project Lead: Kat Laxton,, 425-917-7820

Commitment 4: Double Completion of Algebra or Higher in Eighth Grade
Project Summary: Across the Road Map region, only 36 % of students took algebra or beyond in middle school. The Consortium commits to double the number of students taking algebra or higher in the eighth grade by the end of the grant period. Students who take algebra in middle school are 1.6 times as likely to directly enroll in college after high school.
Project lead: Kat Laxton,, 425-917-7820