Stay Strong

Start StrongProject 6: Create an Integrated System of Middle and High School Advising ($3,030,143)
Project Summary: This Project will increase college and career readiness by strengthening the region’s counseling and advising system in the region’s high-need high schools and feeder middle schools.
Project Lead: Jennie Flaming,, 425-917-7835

Project 7: Adopt the College Board College & Career Readiness Pathway ($3,245,836)
Project Summary: This project will provide the College Board College and Career Readiness Pathway (ReadiStep, PSAT/NMSQT, and SAT) for students in all seven districts, free of charge, during the school day. Educators in each district will use information from the assessments to create personalized plans to prepare students for college and career pathways.
Project Lead: Jennie Flaming,, 425-917-7835

Project 8: College & Career Readiness Investment Fund ($4,090,788)
Project Summary: This project will create an investment fund that districts may access to strengthen course rigor and increase the variety of college and career ready courses available to better prepare their students for college and career. Through the investment fund districts can access funds for one-time course development. Examples may include training teachers to offer more AP courses, providing an IB program, expanding high-quality career certificate programs, dual language programs, or development of applied STEM learning opportunities. Please see the Project 8 page for information on award amounts.
Project Lead: Hilary Loeb,, 425-917-7603

Commitment 5: Full Integration of the High School and Beyond Plan
Project Summary: Washington State requires all high school students to complete a High School and Beyond Plan, (a policy aimed at personalizing education and course taking) before graduating. Implementation of this state requirement has been uneven and in some cases has devolved into a compliance checkbox. Consortium districts commit to taking the requirement seriously and supporting students to complete a meaningful plan, and will make efforts to engage parents in the process.
Project Lead: Hilary Loeb,, 425-917-7603

Project C5 is advised by the Road Map Project High School to College Completion Work Group