Deep Dive 3: Investment Fund to Develop Additional Community-School Partnerships

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Round 3 Award

Federal Way – Parent Academy

$250,000 award

Summer of 2016 and 2016/17 school year

This project focuses on the development of a parent led, culturally and linguistically accessible parent academy. Parents and community partners are developing modules and parents and CBO partners will deliver training on topics through a shared process of identification. This community-driven approach will ensure that the content is relevant and engaging for the population of student and families it’s serving. There is also an extended-day Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) enrichment program that will be designed and delivered at the four target schools. This program will use a one-on-one approach and focus on education and practical support. The program content is tied to common core standards, especially with STEM and builds on local resources with field trips and learning opportunities, career exposure and successful role models, presenters and mentors.

Parent Academy Development and Training $60,140
Parent Academy Implementation $49,060
Staff coordination and management $40,800
STEM Enrichment Programming $100,000
Total $250,000


Highline – Techbridge

$250,000 two year award

Summer of 2016 and 2016/17 school year

This project focuses on three aspects serving girls of color and families in four schools in the Highline School District. An afterschool program focused on STEM enrichment will empower girls with technical skills through hands on projects, field trips, and engage families to help support their children. Partnering with another Community-Based Organization, Somali Youth and Family Club, this project will strengthen a community-based afterschool program serving recently immigrated Somali students and families. This project will also deepen family support of students’ academic goals through family engagement workshops.

Project Coordination and Staff $172,513
Travel for afterschool and family engagement $8,364
Supplies $13,113
Translators, teacher stipends, external evaluators, field trips $21,500
Indirect costs $12,400
Total $250,000


Seattle – Vietnamese Friendship Association

$211,010 two year award

Summer of 2016 and 2016/17 school year

This project focuses on Seattle World School to offer additional opportunities for students to gain credit through afterschool and summer programming. Partners Coyote Central and Jack Straw Cultural Center and Vietnamese Friendship Association will offer a third trimester of programming so students will have more hours and opportunities to earn academic credits. These additional opportunities include enrichment classes in after school programs as well as a Saturday school. The focus on credit retrieval and class completion aims to help recently immigrated students to complete high school at an increased pace than what was available before this project. This also provides supports for students to take the World Language Test for additional credit opportunities.

Staff coordination, management, and student support $88,000
After school programs $90,000
Saturday school teachers $6,000
Parent Coordinator, interpretation and translation support $24,000
Indirect costs $3,000
Total $211,010


The Kent Education & Equity Partnership

$250,000 two year award

Summer of 2016 and 2016/17 school year

This project brings together many partners in the Kent School District to serve three schools: Kent Elementary, Park Orchard Elementary, and East Hill Elementary. Partners include Community Network Council, Coalition for Refugees from Burma, Somali Youth and Family Club, Iraqi Community Center of Washington, Communities in Schools Kent, King County Housing Authority, and the City of Kent. Academic and school-based supports include academic coaching, tutoring and mentoring. Parent and community engagement through parent workshops, community building events, and professional development for CBOs will help build capacities of families and community organizations to impact reading and attendance in the three focus schools.

Direct services to students $124,000
Workshop design and implementation $8,550
Parent workshop design $11,925
Professional Development and Meetings/coordination $73,825
Community building events, supplies and evaluation $15,550
Total $250,000

Round 2 Award

Seattle –  Building Blocks: Investing in Students, Families and Community

$727,893 Three-year award

2014/15 – 2016/17 School years

The project rolls out in two phases. Phase 1 begins with identified partners, as well as families and students at New Holly, and begins in summer of 2015. During Phase 2 of grant implementation, initial investments would continue and additional funding would be provided to community partners selected by school teams and principals. Community partners for this project include: Catholic Community Services, East African Community Services, Seattle Public Library, Somali Family Safety Task Force and Seattle Housing Authority. These partners will provide new, continuing, or expanded school-based partnerships to support Black or African American students who are served by Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) and Seattle Public Schools (SPS). Project Elements Include:  1) Coordination and Capacity Building; 2) Academic Skill and Youth Development; and 3) Tools and Increased Capacity for Family Engagement.

Project Coordination and Staff $138,593
Travel Reimbursement $3,000
Funding for Community Partners and Programs $173,712
Supplies for Community Meetings, Trainings and Programs $20,933
Professional Development $53,000
Phase II Funding for school-based supports $250,000
Community Engagement $65,146
Indirect $23,512
TOTAL $727,893


Round 1 Awards

Auburn – The North Auburn Parent and Community Partnership for Kids (NAPCP)

$455,722 Two-year DD3 award

NAPCP will support two delivery sites for highly effective after school, weekend and summer academic enrichment at Dick Scobee Elementary and Neighborhood House at the Burndale Homes Youth Tutoring and Resource Center. A coordination of eight community-based organizations will provide strategic and individualized support to selected students and families who are/or will be attending Dick Scobee Elementary through out of school time, academic support, social/emotional, and health and wellness.

2013/14 – 2014/15 School Years

Project Budget

Community in Schools, Coordinators,  instructional staff, and para educators


Transportation for students and travel for coordinator


Curriculum and supplies


CBO site coordinator, home visiting, health and wellness program, counseling and referral services and extended learning







Renton – Literacy, Kindergarten Readiness & Family Engagement

$298,498 Two-year DD3 award

Focus: Coordination and support for students and families of Honey Dew and Highlands Elementary with a focus on math and literacy, extended learning (after-school and summer), STEM, family engagement and support groups and counseling.

2014/15 – 2015/16 School Years

Project Budget

Program Coordinator and family liaisons


Extended learning for literacy and math, ELL instruction, counseling services







Seattle – Literacy and Math Through Academic Support

$315,849 Two-year DD3 award

Focus: Impacting literacy and math for students at Emerson Elementary through academic support during and after the school day with an emphasis on supporting classroom learning using the arts and family engagement and empowerment.

2013/14 – 2014/15 School Years

Project Budget

Site coordinator and teachers for after school support


Local travel for professional development, meetings, etc.


Supplies for arts infused strategies and community engagement


Cultural Navigator, therapist, afterschool support, arts professional development, family engagement


Overnight science program