Foundational Elements

Project 1: Investment Fund for Teaching and Leading ($7,561,179)
Project Summary: This project creates a fund that districts may access to improve teacher and principal skills and abilities, to assist in the creation of personalized learning environments in the region’s high-need schools. The emphasis of this fund is on math, science and ELL instruction as well as teacher/principal leadership. Please see the Project 1 page for information on award amounts.
Project Lead: Greta Bornemann,, 425-917-7859
Project 1 is advised by a Technical Workgroup.

Project 2: Develop Common Regional Data Portal and Data Sharing Agreements ($2,105,352)
Project Summary: This project invests in the creation of a data system for all seven districts to coordinate the collection of student data (demographics, academic, health, social and family history), facilitate the flow of that data from district to district as students move, and present that data in a meaningful form to students, parents, educators and other stakeholders.
Project Lead: Rafael Gallardo,, 425-917-7803
Project 2 is governed by a Data Coordinating Committee. For information on the Committee, please see the Project 2 page.

Deep Dive 3: Investment Fund to Develop Additional Community-School Partnerships ($2,212,145)
Project Summary: This project creates a fund that aims to raise student achievement by allowing additional models of community-school partnerships of regional significance. The projects are expected to produce examples, lessons learned and models. Please see the Deep Dive 3 page for information on award amounts.
Project Lead: Matthew Gulbranson,, 206-716-8852
Deep Dive 3 is advised by a Technical Workgroup.

Commitment 2: Common Core Implementation
Project Summary: Implementation of Common Core State Standards (CCSS) will ensure that Consortium districts have consistent, high quality, and rigorous college and career ready standards, as well as mitigate the negative impacts that changing school districts can have on highly mobile populations and help prepare students for participation in the global economy.
Project Lead: Julie Rolling,, 425-917-7806

Commitment 6: Teacher, Principal, and Superintendent Evaluations
Project Summary: The districts in the Consortium are committed to the implementation of robust Teacher, Principal and Superintendent Evaluation Systems by the 2014-15 school year. Teacher and Principal evaluations will be based on the state’s approved policy (ESSB 5895), a comprehensive model emphasizing professional growth, support, and improved student learning outcomes, incorporating student growth as a substantial factor in evaluating the summative performance of classroom teachers and principals.
Project Lead: Michelle Lewis,, 425-917-7809

Project PE: Program Evaluation ($1,194,324)
Project Summary: The purpose of this project is to provide the Road Map District Consortium with the capacity to evaluate the efficacy of investments, specifically looking for the projects that provide the greatest results for the grant funds invested.
Project Lead: Sarita Siqueiros Thornburg,, 425-917-7724

Project PM: Project Management and Oversight and Fiscal Management ($1,827,245)

Project Summary: The purpose of this project is to provide the Road Map District Consortium with project management and fiscal management capacity to effectively oversee the implementation all Projects identified in the grant application.
Project Lead: Jessica de Barros,, 425-917-7615