Previous RFP Rounds for Project 3B: Investment Fund for PreK-3rd Grade Strategies and Systems at the District/Community Level

Round 1

Project 3B: RFP (October 14, 2013)

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Round 2 Information and Timeline – Spring 2014

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Learning Convening

Feb 4

Road Map Birth to 3rd Workgroup Convened

Feb 18, March 18

Criteria & Scoring Rubric Approved by Executive Committee

April 17

RTT District ConveningPlease invite your district EA leadership

April 23

RFP Issued

 May 5

Districts collaborate with EA leadership on proposal ideas

May 5-May 22

Two Information Sessions Offered

May 12, May 20

Learning Convening

May 13

Letters of Intent Due (Optional)*Please collaborate with your district EA leadership

 June 6

Feedback on Letters of Intent

June 20

Districts collaborate with EA leadership on final proposals

June 6-July 23

Final Day to Ask Questions

July 16

Proposals due

 July 23

RFPs Reviewed and Rated

July 30

Awards decided by Executive Committee

Aug 21

Contracts negotiation and reviewing

August 22-Sept 8

Contracts signed and executed

Sept 19