Executive Committee

DSC_1790 (2)From Left to Right: Alan Spicciati, John Schmitz, Hamdi Abdulle, Ann Minckler, John Welch, Cindy Lewis, Sue McCabe, Dianne Jordan, Mary Jean Ryan

As outlined in the grant application, the Road Map District Consortium is overseen by a nine-person Executive Committee. This group was selected via a nomination and election process. The public was invited to submit nominations for the three school district leaders and the two at-large members.

District Management Leaders Representatives
Ann Minckler, Assistant Director, Grants and Special Projects, Kent School District
John Schmitz, Principal, Kennydale Elementary School, Renton School District
Alan Spicciati, Superintendent, Auburn School District

At-Large Community Partner Representatives
Hamdi Abdulle, Executive Director, Somali Youth & Family Club
Mary Jean Ryan, Executive Director, Community Center for Education Results

Union Leadership Representatives
Dianne Jordan, President, Auburn Education, Association, Auburn School District
Cindy Lewis, Past President, Tukwila Education Association, Tukwila School District
Sue McCabe, President, Highline Education Association, Highline Public Schools

Puget Sound Educational Service District
John Welch, Superintendent