Deep Dive 3: Investment Fund to Develop Additional Community-School Partnerships

The Investment Fund for Community-School Partnerships, one of the Race to the Top projects, invests in innovative and replicable partnerships between schools and community organizations. The goal of this investment fund is for schools and community organizations to partner to provide intensive student-level interventions that bridge in-school and out-of-school time with a small number of RTT High Needs Schools. The projects will invest in a comprehensive, 24/7 effort; support family engagement; support English Language Learners; focused on students in the opportunity gap, and provide personalized service referrals in high needs schools.

Community-School Partnerships Investment Fund – Round 3

The Investment Fund for Community-School Partnerships will invest up to $750,000 more in new partnerships over the next two years. Through our investments so far, we have received feedback on ways we can improve the investment fund process from our community partners, Race the Top’s external evaluators and regional partners.

Draft Work Plans

Submitted Proposals

Contacts and Processes

DD3 District Community Partnership Contacts and Processes

RFI Process

  • Initial partnerships will be selected on December 10 to continue development of scope of work, community and family engagement, and budgets with technical assistance.
  • RFI due November 10
  • After the up to 5 partnerships are selected, they will do more work to develop detailed project plans and receive technical assistance to do so before final approval.
  • There will be a Request for Information (RFI) to select up to 5 partnerships

Award Amounts

  • Each partnership will be limited to a maximum estimated amount of $250,000 with $750,000 available for the entire investment fund.

Community-based organization (CBO) involvement

  • CBOs – in addition to districts – may be lead applicants to the investment fund in partnership with schools/districts.
  • Lead CBO applicants may contract directly with Puget Sound Educational Service District to receive RTT funds for approved projects.
  • Each partnership will need to include a community organization with a 501(c)(3) status, or a CBO fiscally sponsored by an organization with a 501(c)(3) status.
  • At least one partnership will be chosen with as a “small CBO” as a lead applicant and with an annual operating budget below $400,000 (and with a 501(c)(3) status, or be fiscally sponsored by an organization with a 5019(c)(3) status).

For more information, please see the Request for Information (RFI), related Criteria and Rubric, and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

The Statement of Interest in response to the RFI is due November 10.


September 18 2015 RFI released. Criteria and rubric are also available to view.
September 21 – October 2 2015 4 Community Information Sessions with TA providers
October 2015 TA providers provide initial assessment of partnership readiness and review of RFI if needed for small CBOs
November 10 2015 RFI Due
November 16  – 20 2015 RFI applicants screened by screening panel
November 30  – December 4 Applicant Interviews by screening panel
December 10 2015 Presentation/update to Executive Committee – Decide on partnerships
December 2015 If needed, small CBOs can access planning money for project development
Early Winter 2015 TA supports partnerships in development of budget, scope of work, family and community engagement, communication, selection of project measures, etc.
Early Winter 2015 PSESD provides support to partnerships in identifying targets and data collection
By April 14  2016 Projects are finalized and presented to the RTT Executive Committee
By Spring 2016 Contracts negotiated and in place
By Spring 2016 TA offered for contracting process if needed
By Summer 2016 Implementation Begins
By Summer 2016 – August 2017 TA to assist in project implementation
August 2017 RTT Funds expended

PSESD contact for more information: Matthew Gulbranson,, 425/917-7878

Information on Previous Deep Dive 3 Funding Rounds

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Student Academic Performance

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