Monthly Archives: April 2016

Road Map Region Race to the Top Executive Committee Issues Preliminary Awards of $711,000 for School-Community Partnerships

The Executive Committee for the Road Map Region Race to the Top grant issued preliminary awards of $711,000 in Investment Funds for School-Community Partnerships (Deep Dive 3) as part of the third and final round of awards to community partners and districts participating in the consortium. For more information, please see the press release.

Celebration of Success

The Road Map Region Race to the Top is excited to partner with The Road Map Project to host a “Celebration of Success.” This event will feature 30 Exhibits featuring successful efforts that are supporting racial equity, working to close the opportunity gap and demonstrating promising results for low-income students, children of color and students who have historically been disadvantaged. To learn more about the event and apply to be an exhibitor, visit our Celebration of Success web page.