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2015 Report to the Community

Road Map Race to the Top 2015 Report - COVERThe Race to the Top 2015 Report to the Community is now available! The Road Map Region Race to the Top grant aims to dramatically improve student achievement for 150,000 students. Standing behind this plan is a highly committed group of 23 education leaders and numerous community partners who are working together for the benefit of students in our region. Driven by an overarching concern for equity of opportunity, the grant strategies are organized into three themes—Start Strong, STEM Strong, and Stay Strong—all of which are designed to help the region make significant progress towards specific goals.

Attention: Community-School Investment Fund applications are due November 10th, 2015!

There is $750,000 available for community-school partnerships in the Road Map region through our Race to the Top grant.

  • If you are planning to apply for the grant, you should be meeting with school/district/community partners at this point to plan your partnership.
  • To apply, respond to the Request for Information (RFI). The response must be delivered to Puget Sound Educational Service District by the November 10 deadline.
  • Small community-based organizations are eligible for technical assistance with the application.  Contact Matthew Gulbranson ( to arrange this.

For more information:, 425-917-7878