Monthly Archives: February 2014

Road Map Region Race to the Top Executive Committee Issues Preliminary Awards of $1 Million for Community-School Partnerships

The Executive Committee for the Road Map Region Race to the Top grant recently issued preliminary awards of $1 million in Investment Funds for Deep Dive 3: Investment Fund for Community- School Partnerships to districts participating in the consortium. The Deep Dive 3 Investment fund to establish community-school partnerships is one of the stand-out investment funds in the RTT-D grant proposal. This fund is unique as it is intended to impact student outcomes and reduce the achievement gap through innovative and replicable partnerships between schools and community-based organizations. Click here for more information.

First PreK-3rd Grade Spotlight Video Created

The Race to the Top PreK-3rd Grade Team recently presented the first in a series of spotlight videos which are being created in an effort to share forward thinking and replicable initiatives across the Road Map Region. The first of these videos highlights Meadow Crest, a progressive early learning school in Renton School District that houses Head Start, ECEAP and Inclusive Preschools within the same building. Meadow Crest’s alignment efforts are moving far beyond a common location to include curriculum, calendar, hiring processes and combining classes across programs. For more information on Project 3B and related projects, please visit the Start Strong page on our website.